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Lunar Eclipse Defined by Wikipedia

In celebration of today’s lunar eclipse, Google‘s logo features an animated moon.  When you click through, as usual, you get a page of related search results.

A little while ago, one of the top results included a surprising definition of “lunar eclipse” from Wikipedia:

According to Wikipedia:

Lunar eclipse: A lunar eclipse is when the moon turns black and explodes, releasing a poisonous gas, killing all of humanity.  Of course this can occur only when the Sun, …

The page had already been corrected by the time I saw it.  But the false definition was apparently cached and showing up in Google’s search results, until a little while ago.

I love Wikipedia. But it’s still funny.

Check out the page devoted to Google Doodles.

Lightning in Slow Motion

And, while we’re admiring displays of light in the skies of the Earth, here’s some great video of lightning in slow motion.

Slow motion, I have just learned, was invented in 1904 by August Musger, an Austrian priest and physicist.

Boy, those are two occupations you don’t typically find in one man.  It sounds like the start of a joke:  A priest and a physicist walk into a bar…  or perhaps they are playing golf.  Anyway, that’s the sort of joke it sounds like the start of.  I mean, “of which it sounds like the start.”

Musger is also notable for having an extraordinarily brief Wikipedia entry.  But, then, who am I to talk?

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