“It’s as much about expanding the mind as it is tickling the funny bone.”

The Washington Times

“Brian Malow is a brilliantly funny comedian, as clever and witty as Woody Allen but with a bent for the wonders of nature instead of the downers of life. Science is just too cool to not also be funny, and Brian Malow has found his ecological niche and exploited it like no other comic species.”

Michael Shermer
Publisher of Skeptic magazine, monthly columnist for Scientific American

“The thing I love about Brian is how he loves the stuff: the whole techie view of the universe. He can see how ridiculous it all is, and we all are, while still loving it. And what makes it work especially for an audience of scientists and engineers is the way that he will sometimes stand up there on stage and analyze, in a techie way, why a joke does or does not work… pull it apart and show us all the gears and springs lying there on the stage. At the same time that he’s talking about science, he’s actually doing it. He gets it. He’s laughing at himself when he finds humor in the scientific life; and so he lets us laugh at ourselves, as well.

Oh, and he’s funny. That, too.”

Brother Guy Consolmagno, SJ
Vatican Observatory
Author of God’s Mechanics: How Scientists and Engineers Make Sense of Religion

“Science needs more people like Brian to engage with the public and show them that it can be a part of their lives – and a very entertaining and thought-provoking part at that.”

Chapin Rodriguez, PhD

“The Rational Comedy for an Irrational Planet performance was one of the most successful public programs that we hosted at the Koshland since opening to the public.”

Amy Shaw
Koshland Science Museum of the National Academy of Sciences

“Malow performs a very important function: He makes science accessible. He pulls information from superspecialized fields and makes it comprehensible to a wider audience.”

The Washington Times

“Malow brings stage-honed stand-up chops to the elucidation of the natural world.”

Express (The Washinton Post)

“Malow’s jokes really are for everyone, not just scientists. In fact, because he often performs for audiences with mixed backgrounds in the sciences or no background in the sciences at all, he is happy to assume the role of an on-stage teacher, providing his audiences with just enough scientific background to get the joke.”

Chemical & Engineering News

“I giggled uncontrollably at the Star Wars jokes, and became an avid supporter of your theory on why some of us are directionally challenged from birth.”

Gina Perovich
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

“Your comedy turned what would have been a good event into a really memorable one.”

Eliot Graf

“Brian’s presentation brought to “light” the levity in the wonderful world of science – and of course optics!”

Amy Dufrane, Ed.D.
The Optical Society of America

“Your upbeat presentation was just what was needed to raise everyone’s spirits — so much so that our scientists were laughing at even my jokes!”

Dr. William Ott
NIST Staff Colloquium Series

“A science comedian?  Sure, I was skeptical. I was totally dreading a half hour of forced chuckling at a routine filled with puns and “elephant grape sine theta”-type punch lines. But within thirty seconds of starting his act, Brian had me and a whole room full of science people absolutely shaking with real laughter – and by the end we were begging him to stay on for round two. The next day, I was telling all my friends about it.”

Chris Patil, gerontologist
Buck Institute for Age Research

“Science and Humor are two terms you don’t usually hear used together.  Somehow, Brian has the ability to combine the two into a very entertaining and laugh out loud performance that will make any meeting memorable.”

Jim Hardy
Frederick County (MD) Biotech blogger & Entrepreneur

”In addition to be being funny and clean, Brian obviously took the time to do substantial research in order to write material that was specific and appropriate to the event (a hardware and software awards ceremony).”

Andrew Eisenberg, CEO
Handheld Media Group, Inc.

“From his opening joke about the speed of light and the speed of sound, I knew that it would be an enjoyable evening!”

Marisa Burgener, MAT

“This is not your typical stand-up comedy show where’s it’s just “joke, joke, joke.” In fact, it’s more like listening to a science fiction writer draw upon the world’s current scientific knowledge to synthesize his vision for the future – with several one-liners thrown in for good measure.”

Geotimes – Earth, Energy and Environment News

”Brian offers just the right mix of nerd humor and just plain laugh-out-loud funny.  His comic timing is terrific, and he has a great rapport with the audience — in our case, several hundred journalists who write about science.”

Robin Marantz Henig
National Association of Science Writers

“Even a standard issue riff on his love life relied on a metaphor from particle physics. And, trusting that this was the perfect crowd for his material, Malow pulled out a pun on pasta and “antipasta” that got a roar of laughter.”

Lynne Friedmann
National Association of Science Writers

“Thanks for the opportunity to laugh at infectious disease and not feel guilty.”

Chris Condayan
American Society for Microbiology

“The best way to cap off a couple of days of technical discussions, early wake-up calls and marathon meetings!”

Georges Efstratoudakis
My Virtual Model

“I wanted to thank you again for your role in making our inaugural season such a great success.  When it comes to fun, your event was at the top of the list!  I believe I speak for everyone present when I say that we all appreciated the intelligent humor, which was simultaneously G-rated and very, very funny.  After so many serious subjects, it was refreshing to have a good laugh – thank you for that!”

Janet DeMint
Distinctive Voices@The Beckman Center

“Brian displays the type of talent that is rarely found in the comedy world. He is funny without needing to use gross vulgarities, spontaneous on stage, original, gets along well with employers and creates a wonderful rapport with audiences. When I have had occasion to hire Brian, he has been accomodating, punctual, and always has new material. Audiences love his quick wit and different approach to a sometimes boring activity, as well as his ability to laugh at himself when appropriate.

Bob Mutchler, Events Coordinator
Meals a la Car
Northern California Chair, WalkAmerica, March of Dimes