Bizarro Comedy Show – Two Funny Heads (Piraro & Malow)

On 9/11 this year I’ll be performing at the legendary Purple Onion with my friend, the legendary Bizarro cartoonist Dan Piraro:  The Bizarro Comedy Show: Two Funny Heads.

Says Dan about me: “This guy is a longtime friend and a total pro. He’ll show me up, big time. I should actually be opening for him but it’s my show so tough monkeys.”

Actually, Dan is incredibly funny and inventive on stage, and the most prolific artist I know. He publishes a new cartoon EVERY DAY!  That’s seven new jokes a week, plus he draws them by hand in pen, scans them into the computer, and colors them himself.

We previously did a 10-state, 20-city, 30-show tour of political comedy (“Bizarro’s Politi-Comedy-a-Go-Go”) during the ill-fated last presidential election season, along with pals Michael Capozzola and Jeff Kreisler.  We had hoped to play a small part in unseating the incumbent, but, alas, failed.

However, this time, we are so certain to see a regime change that we don’t even feel the need to do political humor, per se.  Although you can always count on Dan to have some biting commentary on the state of the union.  This time, at the Onion.

Tickets for the Sept. 11 Purple Onion show can be purchased here.

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