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Seems like all my recent posts are about media attention but, fear not, behind the scenes, the science comedy team (i.e. me and Tara – and our Texas affiliates, Chuck and Albert – all powered by wheels turned by teams of genetically-enhanced rodents from Monsanto) has been hard at work on new comedy material, as well as audio and video content that will appear here soon-ish (and that delivery date is firm).

We are preparing for two big public shows this week – in San Francisco and Sunnyvale – and one next week in Sacramento (see Upcoming Shows).  All the shows are being recorded.

Plus, we have some interviews with scientists and science fiction writers (for instance, Gregory Benford – he’s actually a stony killer of both those birds – he’s a physicist and a Nebula-award winning science fiction writer).

Stay tuned.  Or leave and come back.  That’s fine, too. a paper for college

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