SF Chronicle Best of 2008 Portraits

This weekend, the San Francisco Chronicle should be running a story about me in conjunction with next week’s shows at the SF Punch Line Comedy Club (Tues, Jan.13) and Rooster T. Feathers (Wed, Jan.14), in Sunnyvale.  See Upcoming Shows for details.

A Chronicle photographer, Paul Chinn, met me over at the new California Academy of Sciences several weeks ago for a photo shoot.

Apparently, even though the story hasn’t run yet, they’ve included a picture of me in their “Best of 2008 Portraits.”

They spelled my name “Brain” (I’m used to it) and called the show “Irrational Comedy for an Irrational Planet” (which is close – the planet is, indeed, irrational but the comedy is rational)…  but it’s still pretty cool.

[In the comments, Jim Hardy brought it to my attention that they also misspelled “science-themd.”  Three mistakes in two sentences!]

The feature is dated 12/29/08.  Nobody even told me it was online.  I had to do a vanity search on the Chronicle site.  Interestingly, it only works if you search on “Malow” or “Brain Malow.”  A search on “Brian Malow” returns no relevant results.

Anyway, nice pic…

3 thoughts on “SF Chronicle Best of 2008 Portraits”

  1. Good gracious, you look good. Great photo too — perfect for your genre. Can’t wait to see the actual article in the Chron.

  2. You forgot to accurately quote them with “science-themd comedy”.

    I am looking at the photo, but don’t recognize you. Probably just the lighting and ominous white cloud in the background. Not the Brain I know.

  3. This is the real me, Jim. You never got to know my ominous side. Be thankful!

    And you’re right about “themd.” I’ll add that to the post – three mistakes in two sentences.

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