Star Trek Trailer & Kirk's Reaction

First there’s the trailer for the new J.J. Abrams Star Trek movie, which I think looks pretty cool.  Even if purists are getting upset with Abrams’ tampering with Trek canon – the visuals look sweet!

Check the lower right-hand corner for the option to watch in higher quality.

Link:  New Star Trek Trailer – Includes Old Spock

And how do you think William Shatner would reply?…

Link:  Shatner comments on the new Star Trek XI trailer

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2 thoughts on “Star Trek Trailer & Kirk's Reaction”

  1. I think the movie will be visually interesting and probably a great ride. Of course, I’m chafing a bit about the fold/spindle/mutilate that’s being committed upon the canon… but then again, it’s a whole new generation out there (um, I mean of viewers), so why not let them have the fun we had when we were young watching OT for the first time.

    And yeah, that clip is quite how “our” Capt. James Tiberius Kirk would react to the new movie. 😉

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