Science Comedian Essay in Symmetry Magazine

A few months ago I was asked to write an essay about being a science comedian for a really cool publication – Symmetry Magazine – and it finally came out today!

Symmetry is “a magazine about particle physics and its connections to other aspects of life and science” – and it’s put out jointly by Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, two national labs funded by the Office of Science of the US Department of Energy.

It’s available in print and online editions – and anyone can receive a free subscription to the print version simply by filling out a form.  That’s a benefit of it being paid for by our tax dollars.

Symmetry is a great science magazine for the layperson, giving fascinating glimpses into the world of subatomic particles and gigantic particle accelerators and the people who attend to them.

The current issue is particularly good!


The picture was taken by my friend John Gilbey during a session at SciFoo 2008 entitled “Seducing the Public With Science.”

Brian Malow Essay in Symmetry Magazine

7 thoughts on “Science Comedian Essay in Symmetry Magazine”

  1. Almost forgot: Did you get the Golden ticket to SciFoo again this year? Sadly, mine must’ve been lost in cyberspace. I will try to get to the Bay Area for the SciBarCamp preceding SciFoo, though.

  2. Nice! I’m writing away on a book about how scientists think – one theory is that good science is like good humor – it has a punch line. If you like comedy, you might like science?

    And no golden ticket for me, either…

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