You got Jesus in my X-ray

Where in the Bible does it say, when Jesus returns, he will appear as a silver Rorschach blot on a chest X-ray in a small town in Florida?

A few thoughts…

Reynaldo Farinas went to the hospital after experiencing chest pains.

Okay, no surprise there. You’d have chest pains, too, if Jesus were unexpectedly resurrected inside your chest cavity. The human chest cavity simply wasn’t designed for such a celestial homecoming.

Or was it?

If the Divine Plan is – and always was – to resurrect Jesus inside an evangelical’s chest… well, it seems like rather poor planning, doesn’t it? Not exactly Intelligent Design. In the very least, it might have been helpful – or polite – to have sent some advance notice, maybe an email – particularly to the person who was to receive such a glorious but awkward visitation.

I like when they show the man on camera and the lower-third graphic, the on-screen identifier, has his name and a short definition – the explanation for why we’re watching a video clip of him:

“Reynaldo Farinas: Sees Jesus in X-ray.”

How would you like that to be the 4-word summation of your life?

Farinas says, “This never happened to me.” I can accept that. In fact, it never happened to anyone.

But perhaps I’m being unfair, too much of a stickler for proper grammar, because what he likely meant was, “This never happened to me before,” in which case he is expressing surprise that Jesus never previously spontaneously generated inside his chest.

They show the X-ray around 25 seconds into the video clip…


But I don’t see Jesus. Do you? If anything, I just see a Grey, which is far more likely, if you think about it.

An extraterrestrial inside someone’s chest makes perfect biological sense. It requires no resurrection or Second Coming or magic of any kind – it’s simply a natural part of a metamorph’s life cycle – to incubate inside a host organism. It’s even part of (science fiction) canon – perhaps most famously in the movie Alien.

So, what we have here is nothing supernatural. This visitor is not from Heaven but merely from Zeta Reticuli. Just a friendly parasitic neighbor stopping by to gestate.

One family member says, “And I was surprised. I got goosebumps and I was like ‘Wow,’ you know? That’s unbelievable.”


But if you’re still curious, here are some stories of other sightings of Jesus and his mom – in flapjacks, lemons, and cheese sandwiches.

25 thoughts on “You got Jesus in my X-ray”

  1. I don’t know; I just feel a sense of comfort knowing that Jesus is peeking out from around my spine. Aw Jesus, thanks! No more nagging lower back pain!

  2. I can actually see it, if you look above the clavical bones in the neck region, you can see the face, and down to the right in the lung region, you see the arm and hand of the figure. If you can’t see it, then you are blind.

    1. Yes, I agree with you. If you look up in the neck region, you can see his face. Next, If you look in the right of the lung region, you can see his arm and hand. I’m 9 and I know he is here. I love Jesus and I know he’ll be in my heart forever. Also I know he’s right here beside me, trying to tell you guys that he is in this young man’s x-ray. Amen!

      P.S. I love you Jesus and God and I hope I go to Heaven with you guys one day! <3

  3. If you can’t see the figure you are blind. Look up in the neck region right above the clavical bones, you see the face, and down to the right of the sternum, in the lung region you see the arm and hand of the figure, the rest is just connecting the dots.

  4. People sees things differently. I don’t see any face of Jesus. There was no photo at the time where Jesus exist so how do we know that this image is Jesus?

  5. you know if you enlarge the picture you can see a whole row of telephone poles at the bottom of the screen and a whole lot of other faces overlapping each other….I think the xray tech or whoever left their lights on too long…lol

  6. u guz r stypi jesus is the son of God he’s not in no mans chest. you have to recieve him as your lord and saviour in order to have him in your heart.

    to do this say this prayer.

    Lord, forgive me of being a sinner and not believing that you are the Lord of lords and the King of kings. I accept you into my heart as my Lord and saviour. please take control of my heart


  7. yeah i see the row of telephone poles, i see a face, whether its jesus or not. just a fluke. but just throwing it out there, if you look at it from a distance it also looks like jesus hanging on a cross haha in the middle

  8. Yes, I saw Jesus. It is at the Left Lung, right lower quadrant of the left lung. If you believe that Jesus lives in you, you will see the truth. “BELIEVE”

  9. I am a firm beliver but I cannot see it. I have stared at it long enough to see a skull, a lollipop and a Christmas tree, but I cannot see it. It would be appreciated if conditions (“If you belive, its obvious”) would not be so excluding. Jesus is Lord and Savior of my life, but I don’t see him in this lung (or bone or muscle).

  10. Well I know I sure see Jesus in it and I can not see that well Due to Diabeties… those of u who say its not there or can not see it must be down right out Blind Physically and maybe Spiritually.
    There it looks like Jesus on the cross in the middle and the face of Jesus is also very plain on the right hand lower side.
    It says in the last days there shall be wonders and signs…..I think God is trying to show Himself to others to reach them or to encourage them to keep the Faith. Cause Jesus is coming again and with the way things in this world are going as The Bible foretells, it shant be much longer.Look up The Bible says for your redemption draweth Nigh.

  11. the telephone polls are there coz the picture is held up against a window…

    and who cares if its really Jesus in the guys chest, or maybe a weird shadow? its a nice thought anyway.. the bible says Jesus lives in us.. (not in a bodily form, but spiritual). its a nice reminder to see him in someones chest. and you can argue about it all you like, and make people seem stupid for seeing Jesus everywhere, doesn’t make it less true that he is everywhere in everything. He doesn’t show up in our world from time to time, we are in his world, and he is here all the time. how cool is it when Jesus peeks out at you and says hi? And im talking about those serious about the relationship, and not serious about the religeon, coz thats just lame. the true kinda relationship with him, isnt just ‘so holy’ you are always serious all the time, no, its fun and you can make jokes, and he makes jokes with u. thats the true kind of relationship jesus wants, not this up tight crap that put people off. Jesus isnt uptight. people who think they serve him are.

    The bible says he will never leave us or forsake us. so leave our toast alone.

    Love you guys… 🙂

  12. Hi and everyone you are all sooooooooooo wrong. Jesus is not in someones chest for fuking sake! Even if he his he is like way to small. Unless people in his day were srunk at fuking death or something! Shit my dad is coming! He believes in all that crap so long losers! Sugar, damn!
    Lve u guys! Lol

    P.s any of you have a boyfriend!

  13. i see jesus in the rib area next to the chest. i dont know where you people see him in the neck? even the video says chest/ribs.. anyways. its what you make of it, it could be anything our mind wants us to see. but i love jesus and i know he is always there for us. maybe he was praying that nothing was wrong with him and jesus not only answered his prayer but was actually snapped in the x ray shot while he was healing him.

  14. As a follower of Jesus Christ i don’t need to see a face or a picture, i already see him enough in my own life! Who needs a picture when you can see all he’s created! 🙂 love yall!

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