Free WiFi on Virgin America – Thanks, Google!

For the holiday season, Google is offering free WiFi on all Virgin America flights.  So this is my first in-flight post.

I’m flying from Boston to San Francisco, returning from a college gig at SUNY Plattsburgh, which is so far up, up, upstate New York that it’s just a stone’s throw from Montreal (you’d have to have a very good arm and/or be throwing the stone in a weaker gravity field, perhaps that of an asteroid).

I’m 38,078 feet over the Nevada desert, flying 463 mph and it’s -64 degrees F. outside.

And I’m surfing the web.  +1 Internets.

Virgin America has the coolest planes – they’re like flying discotheques:



The free in-flight WiFi from Google is only part of the deal.  They are also providing free WiFi in a bunch of airports – including Boston Logan where I took a pic of this sign:

Google WiFi Boston Logan

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