Toilet of the Future!

If it were biologically necessary for movie characters to go to the bathroom, this would be the toilet in Blade Runner and 2001.  I half-expected the designer to be Syd Mead.

For futurists and conservationists (and other people who use toilets)!  Sleek, integrated design – compact enough for an apartment in Manhattan or Tokyo.  Plus, it re-uses water from the sink to flush the toilet!  It’s the all-in-one loo:

The Home Core concept integrates the toilet bowl, sink, mirror and a vanity table into one. However, this is not the central theme for this all-in-one-loo. There is a water storage tank right below the sink, where you can choose to store the currently used water or allow it to drain off. (The stored water is meant for flushing the pot) Also, the water pressure from the tap can be moderated to four different levels, giving you the satisfaction of conserving some resource.

Designer: Dang Jingwei

Toilet of the Future1

Toilet of the Future2

Toilet of the Future3

Toilet of the Future4

2 thoughts on “Toilet of the Future!”

  1. I like the way you think! Reminds me of Nibbler in Futurama – he pooped dark matter which was used to fuel their starship. Like neutronium, it is very dense. From Wikipedia:

    “…each pound of which weighs over ten thousand pounds”, according to Professor Farnsworth.

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