TIME 100’s Elon Musk

Time Magazine has announced the Time 100 – their annual list of the most influential people of the year.  It’s divided into four main categories:  Leaders, Heroes, Artists, and Thinkers.

One of those Thinkers is Elon Musk, co-founder of PayPal and current CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX.

Jon Favreau – director of the Iron Man movies – wrote the entry on Musk, having used him as a model for the billionaire Tony Stark character.  David Clair and I made a new video about him:

Here’s the new video on Time’s site.

For a more in-depth piece, check out our previous piece about SpaceX and private enterprise in space:

Space: The Private Frontier

2 thoughts on “TIME 100’s Elon Musk”

  1. Wow. PayPal attracted a lot of progressive folks. I remember reading about Peter Thiel and the “governance industry.” Peter Thiel is invested in The Seasteading Institute, best captured by VentureBeat:

    “According to Patri Friedman, TSI’s founder, the problem with what he calls the “governing industry,” is that it has a “high barrier to entry and high customer lock in.” There are immense financial and personal costs involved in abandoning your nation of origin and transferring your citizenship. To Friedman, these costs are an obstruction to human freedom. The solution? Highly rugged, modular constructions that make it easy to attach your home to your micro-nation of choice but just as easy to detach it and move away. Since every square inch of land on the Earth is claimed, the only place to put these things is the ocean.”


    1. Oh yeah, I think what the Seasteading Institute is doing looks really cool. I’ve been meaning to look into it some more.

      In the very least, it would be a great gig to… well, “land” doesn’t seem like the right verb.


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