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Science Comedian on BoingBoing

I’m on BoingBoing!

Maggie Koerth-Baker posted a YouTube clip of me this morning.  It’s an excerpt from my performance two weeks ago at Wonderfest, the Bay Area science festival.

The entire festival was videotaped by  You can see the rest of my 15-minute performance here.

Also, a dialogue I moderated entitled Do Robots Make Better Astronauts? (featuring Chris McKay of NASA Ames and Kanna Rajan of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute).

If you’re visiting from BoingBoing… Welcome!

It’s odd to be judged just by these admittedly – purposely – corny bar jokes.  They aren’t exactly representative of my entire act.  They were the silly end to my presentation.

And they also cut the routine short – there are a few more, including the final bar joke which is arguably the best one….  about Helium.

Check out the rest of that performance or see my other YouTube clips: .  Subscribe!

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And check out the science videos I’ve been making for Time Magazine’s website.

Thank you, goodnight!

Giant Insect Ambassadors for the Rainforest

For our newest video for, I visited an old friend, Norm Gershenz of, to discuss some of their programs for raising awareness and saving precious habitats that are home to strange and beautiful creatures like the giant thorny phasmid.

Find out more about the Insect Discovery Lab and how you can bring it to your Bay Area classroom.

Science Comedian on Public Radio

Roman Mars of KALW, a San Francisco public radio station, produced a piece on me that aired yesterday on the show Cross Currents:

“The Bay Area is home to some of the smartest people on the planet. So, it makes sense that our brainy nature would demand the occasional brainy entertainment. That’s where Brian Malow, the science comedian, comes in. Malow stopped by KALW to tell Roman Mars why he thinks science is so funny.”

If you have five minutes, you can hear the segment on their website:
Brian Malow, the Science Comedian.

My thanks to Holly Kernan and Roman Mars of KALW

Cross Currents airs at 5pm (Pacific), on FM 91.7, and streams live from the KALW website.

Meteor Caught on Video Over Edmonton

A police dash cam caught this amazing meteoric fireball on video near Edmonton, Alberta, November 20, 2008.  It lights up the sky!

Link to video

For a bit more detail, here’s a story in the Edmonton Sun and a story in the Edmonton Journal.  Look under “Related Links” for additional video.

I’ve only witnessed one or two good meteor showers, away from city lights (and, in the case of San Francisco, away from the Fog).  I hope to see more.

According to StarDate – the public education and outreach arm of the University of Texas McDonald Observatory – there is one remaining meteor shower for 2008, the Geminids, the night of December 13.  But, they also point out, there will be a gibbous moon that night, overpowering all but the brightest meteors.