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Tim Westergren of Pandora & the Music Genome Project

My newest video for Time Magazine is about Pandora, the internet radio service.  I visited the Oakland offices of Pandora and spoke with founder and Chief Strategy Officer Tim Westergren.  We discussed various recommendation engines used by other companies and what makes Pandora’s Music Genome Project different.

Link to the Pandora video on Time’s website

Zoe Keating Performs at ETech 2009

One of the many highlights of the Emerging Technology conference was the Wednesday evening performance of Zoe Keating: “Using a 17th Century Instrument to Create the Music of the 21st Century.”

Zoe uses a cello and a laptop to make beautiful multilayered music. She plays with herself.  It’s loopy.  Very cool.

Excuse the rough camera work up front – it was shot on a tiny Flip camera – and it gets much better a couple minutes in when I get to the closeups.


Science Comedian on Public Radio

Roman Mars of KALW, a San Francisco public radio station, produced a piece on me that aired yesterday on the show Cross Currents:

“The Bay Area is home to some of the smartest people on the planet. So, it makes sense that our brainy nature would demand the occasional brainy entertainment. That’s where Brian Malow, the science comedian, comes in. Malow stopped by KALW to tell Roman Mars why he thinks science is so funny.”

If you have five minutes, you can hear the segment on their website:
Brian Malow, the Science Comedian.

My thanks to Holly Kernan and Roman Mars of KALW

Cross Currents airs at 5pm (Pacific), on FM 91.7, and streams live from the KALW website.

Science Comedian on Pirate Cat Radio

I’ll be on Pirate Cat Radio at 8pm Pacific tonight for about 20 minutes.  It’s a low-power FM station that broadcasts on 87.9 FM in SF, LA, and Berlin.  It also streams live for the whole world.

Even if you miss me, check it out sometime.  It’s a good thing.  Pirate Radio!!


UPDATE:  I had a great time on the Canary Hour.  Pirate Cat Radio makes all their shows available as downloadable mp3s, so here’s the show for 1/12/09:

I was on for the first 20 minutes.  Friday 1/9/09, I was on the Morning Show with Casey and the Notorious BAG:

I come on around the midpoint of the show/file.  Much fun.

Pirate Cat rocks!

Science Foo Camp 2008 on Nature Podcast

While at Science Foo Camp 2008, I grabbed a few quick interviews for the Nature podcast, which was posted today on  Just a few soundbites from attendees David Bauer, Brian Cox, Chris Patil, and Martin Rees. And a shout out to me.

It’s the latest episode so, for now, you can find it here.  When it gets moved to the archive, I’ll link to its permanent location.*

Thanks to everyone who took the time to speak to me!

* Update:  Here’s the podcast episode (21 August 2008) in mp3.  And also a text transcription.

On the Green Podcast Features Science Comedian

I’m featured on the On the Green Podcast with host Jerry Kay. It’s only one minute long!

“Brian Malow makes science funny, exciting and easily digestible for all audiences.”

Check it out…