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Godspeed, John Glenn: 50 Years of Americans in Orbit

On February 20, 1962, perched atop an Atlas rocket, John Glenn was blasted into space at 17,500 miles per hour.  He splashed down in the Atlantic Ocean about five hours later, having orbited the Earth three times, the first American to do so.

Our most recent video for is a tribute to John Glenn, NASA, and 50 years of Americans in orbit. I wrote it, Tara Fredette was cameraman, and Jim Fields edited.

Godspeed, John Glenn…


Science Online 2011

Jan. 13-16, 2011 – ScienceOnline2011, Research Triangle Park, NC

I’m thrilled to be attending and participating in ScienceOnline2011 – the fifth annual conference on science and the web in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.  My first time!  I’ll be leading a session with Joanne Manaster on communicating science with humor, and I’ll be speaking/performing at the Saturday night banquet.  I’m looking forward to reconnecting with some friends and making some new ones.


TIME 100’s Elon Musk

Time Magazine has announced the Time 100 – their annual list of the most influential people of the year.  It’s divided into four main categories:  Leaders, Heroes, Artists, and Thinkers.

One of those Thinkers is Elon Musk, co-founder of PayPal and current CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX.

Jon Favreau – director of the Iron Man movies – wrote the entry on Musk, having used him as a model for the billionaire Tony Stark character.  David Clair and I made a new video about him:

Here’s the new video on Time’s site.

For a more in-depth piece, check out our previous piece about SpaceX and private enterprise in space:

Space: The Private Frontier

Space: The Private Frontier

My new video (produced by David Clair) is up at It’s about Elon Musk and SpaceX – and we were almost finished with it when the topic exploded into the news a week or so ago – Obama, the budget, the future of NASA, Ares and contracting out space flights to private companies. We didn’t set out to address all that but we did include it.  Check it out…

Helium – So Long and Thanks for all the Balloons!

Somehow this didn’t make it into the blog earlier – our video about helium.  A flight in a zeppelin, a visit with the Balloon Lady, and the end of an era?…

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Videos for Time Magazine

You can easily access all the science videos I’ve made for Time Magazine’s website at this link – the results from a search on my name (Brian Malow) at

I've Been Scooped Again

A couple of the presentations at today’s “Let’s Have An Awesome Time Doing Science” conference were conducted via Skype video.

Uri Alon of the Department of Molecular Cell Biology & Department of Physics of Complex Systems at the Weizmann Institute in Israel, gave a particularly fun presentation entitled, “Peace Love Science Happiness.”

He performed his song “I’ve Been Scooped Again” – with audience participation from across the globe.  Here’s a snippet:

Music & Lyrics ©2009 Uri Alon

“Let’s Have An Awesome Time Doing Science” was a 3-day science conference (and part unconference) held at UCSF’s Mission Bay Campus, Oct. 8-10, 2009. Scientists from various fields and at all stages of career development met to discuss ways to help make science as fun, supportive and nurturing as possible.

Visit the website Brian Malow Videos has some videos of me on stage at the San Francisco Punch Line Comedy Club, from about two years ago, I think. If you follow the links to their website, you can also rate the video…

Brian Malow – Exit Strategy link:

Brian Malow – Canine Lives link:

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Lightning in Slow Motion

And, while we’re admiring displays of light in the skies of the Earth, here’s some great video of lightning in slow motion.

Slow motion, I have just learned, was invented in 1904 by August Musger, an Austrian priest and physicist.

Boy, those are two occupations you don’t typically find in one man.  It sounds like the start of a joke:  A priest and a physicist walk into a bar…  or perhaps they are playing golf.  Anyway, that’s the sort of joke it sounds like the start of.  I mean, “of which it sounds like the start.”

Musger is also notable for having an extraordinarily brief Wikipedia entry.  But, then, who am I to talk?

Link to video игровой автомат золото партии

Meteor Caught on Video Over Edmonton

A police dash cam caught this amazing meteoric fireball on video near Edmonton, Alberta, November 20, 2008.  It lights up the sky!

Link to video

For a bit more detail, here’s a story in the Edmonton Sun and a story in the Edmonton Journal.  Look under “Related Links” for additional video.

I’ve only witnessed one or two good meteor showers, away from city lights (and, in the case of San Francisco, away from the Fog).  I hope to see more.

According to StarDate – the public education and outreach arm of the University of Texas McDonald Observatory – there is one remaining meteor shower for 2008, the Geminids, the night of December 13.  But, they also point out, there will be a gibbous moon that night, overpowering all but the brightest meteors.