Paul Simon – The Way We Look to a Distant Constellation

These are the days of miracle and wonder
This is the long distance call
The way the camera follows us in slo-mo
The way we look to us all
The way we look to a distant constellation
That’s dying in a corner of the sky
These are the days of miracle and wonder
And don’t cry, baby, don’t cry
Don’t cry

– Paul Simon, “The Boy in the Bubble” (from the Graceland album)

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  • Jim H

    9:17 am

    That’s my favorite Paul Simon album, for sure. An amazing guitar player, which he rarely gets credit for.

    Glad to see you’re kicking the blogging back into gear! I am still working on some angle for your East Coast trip.

    I’ve always wondered something. Over here we call you guys the “Left Coast”. Does that mean you call us the “Right Coast”?

  • Brian Malow

    1:30 pm

    I think you guys call us the “Left Coast” to set yourselves up as the “Right Coast,” but you’ve also set yourselves up to be called the “Wrong Coast.”

    That is, if anything actually exists east of the Rockies.

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