Nature Abhors a Science Comedian

“I am at two with Nature.”  –  Woody Allen

* * *

Unlike Woody, today I am at one with Nature…  the magazine, anyway.  One page of it.

There’s a short Q&A with me in the current issue of Nature.  The writer/interviewer is Nick Thomas, who is not only a chemistry professor but also an impressively prolific freelance writer.

The photo was taken at SciFoo 2008 by John Gilbey…  although the background has been entirely photoshopped out, leaving me looking like a cut out for a Monty Python animation.

Still, I’m in Nature.  That’s pretty cool.

Did I say “abhors”?  I meant “adores.”

2 thoughts on “Nature Abhors a Science Comedian”

  1. That’s a great piece, Brian. Is the show at NIST “open to the public” or is this some holiday party/event for NIST employees? Maybe I’ll try to get myself invited.

    I can only read the abstract of your interview in Nature since I am not a subscriber. Should I pay the extra $32 for unlimited access for the next seven days? You’ll be in Maryland by that time. Let me know is your schedule is open enough for a get together some time.

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