Oops.  I think I took a wrong turn…


5 thoughts on “Vega”

  1. Apparently, this picture was taken in a place that uses a Vega-centric coordinate system. Which causes the old question to resurface, Brian, are you actually from Earth (Sol 3)? The public demands to know.

  2. Chuck Peña at 12:24am March 21 THE FINALE OF BSG

    Hmmm… regardless of how strong the desire to start anew, or of what the fleet represented that desired to be forgotten, I would not have sent the fleet off into the sun. So big deal, Galactica won’t jump again; what about her manufacturing facilities? Also, what better way to reinforce your dominance as a god than treating your monkey-person worshippers to an occasional tryst aboard the Rising Star? Good lord, man, you wouldn’t even need to provide an actual human (do they make inflatable Cylons?), and you’d most likely be able to pass it off as entertainment at the happy hour buffet…

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