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If you know me, you probably know I’ve always had a thing about Abraham Lincoln.  Nothing kinky.  It goes back as far as 2nd grade – at least that’s my oldest surviving writing about Abe.

Now, combine that with my obvious respect for Charles Darwin – who shares his birthday with Lincoln (February 12, 1809) – and you’ll know how excited I am to have tied it all together in a video piece celebrating their birthdays – and also the 150th anniversary of the publication of Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species.”

I wrote the piece and it was produced by Craig Duff – and today it’s featured on the front page of – as a “Must See” video about Lincoln and Darwin.

“Lincoln and Darwin – Birthdays and Evolution”

Check it out, let me know what you think – and please feel free to forward it to EVERYONE!

* Update 2/23/09: Although it was only a “Must See” video for a short time, now it’s displayed as one of the most popular videos!

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  • Jim H

    1:49 pm

    Good stuff Brian. I think this may get you an invite to Oprah!

  • Brian Malow

    1:57 pm

    Well, as you know, that’s ALWAYS been the goal. 🙂

  • Tom Hester

    9:49 pm

    Is that the video pilot pitch for your public broadcast/cable show… or did I just come up with that idea and you are going to let me be the executive producer? Thought it was great. We were just talking about Lincoln and Darwin having the same birthday when we got your e-mail. Maybe there is a god.

  • Tom Turbeville

    9:51 pm

    or maybe God created evolution…

  • steve roberts

    7:27 am

    I think 60 Minutes has found Andy Rooney’s replacement!

  • Amelia Durham

    10:07 am

    I think you did a great job on the video at, its a bit tongue in cheek but not so sarcastic as to turn visitors off. Really very interesting and entertaining, good job!

  • Nick T

    12:09 pm

    Well done Brian. Seems there are other president-scientist connections, too……. George Washington Carver, Benjamin Franklin Pierce, Ernest Rutherford Hayes, and let’s not forget….Kelvin Coolidge!

  • Tara

    1:56 pm

    Brian, what a great video. I hope to see you regularly on from now on — they need a face and voice like yours to liven up their pieces. You bring an enthusiasm to the screen that is thoroughly engaging. Keep it up, mister!

  • Brian Malow

    8:31 pm

    Thanks, everybody!

    Looks like Tara may get her wish – there should be more to come… in the… FUTURE!!!

    [insert futuristic SFX]

  • Irradiatus

    3:42 pm

    That was superb! I loved the “closest cousins” line. Thx for submitting it to the Carnival of Evolution. I’m sure Miriam will include it…

  • Brian Malow

    11:07 am

    Thanks, Irradiatus! I hope Miriam includes it because I love carnivals and I love evolution – what could be better than a Carnival of Evolution??!!

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